Birthday Wishes

Sonal / Vikas


To, My Dearest BadaMa,
I have often wondered why I even called you “Bada Ma” when you
have and always will be more than my mother. As a child you have love me,
again as a teen you have guided me and even now continue to do both……
So many of my special memories are with Babuji and you .
Every holiday as a child was spent getting pampered by both of you .
I remembered telling Mama & Papa that I will shift to Bombay as I was always “yours” first!!
It is my greatest regret that Babuji is not here today to see us so happy,
to bless Vikas and ofcourse love Vedika and Vedansh!
Vikas and I often talk about how much we can learn from you.
Your rest for life! Your neverending ability to help ! Your smile at every problem!
Your adapt to every situation ! You radiate happiness to all around you!
You never tire after a long day ! The list goes on………… We THANK YOU for inspiring us………

Today is a special day as we celebrate your 75th Birthday ! But really
with you everyday is a celebration!! I pray to GOD that you will
continue to love us forever and ever………………..

We love you lots
Viki, Sonal, Vedika,Vedansh

Ashwin / Chinar


Naani is a special person with wisdom & pride.
She is always offering love and kindness and is always there to guide.
Our nani is very modern, evolved with time.
She goes out to all the restaurants to dine.
She often makes us feel so confident and strong.
Her arms are always open, no matter what we did wrong.
Naani tris to help out in every way that she can.
She loves all her grandchildren the same whether they are child, women, or man.
Naani is always there to listen and lend a helping hand.
She shows us respect and tries to understand.
She gives her love, devotion, and so much more, that’s easy to see
Naani, what a perfect example of the kind of person that we should be….

Ashwin, Chinar and Ria



There is simply no one else on earth
Who’s as fortunate as me?
For, I have the most special grandma
That this world shall ever see!
To the world’s most amazing Nani….. Happy birthday…. with lots and pots of love……

Radhika / Virdhaman


My Dear Dadima,

Since childhood I’ve addressed you as Dadima, but realized only recently how true this name is for you.. You are the best part of grandmother and mother rolled into one beautiful perfectly huggable package.

My best friend, my pillar of strength, my mentor, my idol, my Dadima who loves me the most… Between the earth and the sky above, nothing can match your love !

Happy 75th birthday!! From Radhika



Dear Dadima –

A very very happy 75th birthday!
Wow – when I think about that number it amazes me.
Whenever I think of you dadima – the first thoughts
that come to mind are of someone who has been so youthful
and young at heart. From as long as I can remember
I don’t think you have changed much at all.
You have always been caring and calm.
I know we were all mischievous kids but
I can’t think of a time you ever shouted at us.
I cherish all the times we have spent so far – and
even though I have been away for many years,
I hope to spend many more years next to you watching you smile.

Lots of love,