Birthday Wishes

Mridula / Navin


प्यारी आम्माजी
आपके बारे में जो मेरे मन मे एक image बनी हुइ है
वो एक
1 Sophiscicated……
2 Heighly cultered…..
3 Always cordinated,well dressed …..
4 Smiling hearted….
5 Always smiling
6 Full of energy….
7 Coolest….
8 Most happening at age….
9 Grace full….
10 Funfull person….

अम्माजी कुछ हट के है
अम्माजी मेने आपसे बहुत कुछ सीखा है

आपका साया सदा हमारे साथ बना रहे
आपके इस 75 वर्षगांठ पर में आपको करती हु
चॉदी सा बीता पच्चीस । शोने ढले पचास हीरा की मनवायो जयन्ति।
हमारी है ये आस।

We all love you always……..!

Sheila / Ramesh


Who is it that loves me and will love me
forever with an affection which no misery,
no crime, nothing in this world or beyond
can do away. It is what is closest to Godliness
in this world. It is my Mother.

The best thing about Ammaji is that she
has never tried to hold me back. She has
encouraged me in whichever direction I chose
to take with a deep loving understanding that
helped sustained me through thick and thin.

If I can be half the guidance force to my
children that she has been to me, I will be
happy that I have been a good mother.

Sheila didi

Pravin / Asha


Dearest Ammaji

On this momentous occasion
Paravin & I want to express our Love & Devotion to you.

You are a big support to our family You radiate peace & joy.

You have given us innumerable reasons to laugh & smile. Hope we can give some back to you.

Wishing you a healthy & peaceful life ahead.

Paravin & Asha

Anup Family


Fun filled family holidays
You are sporty & Keep upto all the activities..

Our Guidline…..

Happy Birthday

Anup, Anupama Udit, Nivedita

Pushpa Chachiji


संकट के समय धीरज रखना तथा बच्चों का सहारा
बनना मैने जब भाईजी को लेकर अमेरिका गये थे तब
भाभीजी से सीखा। उस परिस्थिती में भी वे हमें हमेशा
सातवना देती रहती थीं। पिछले साल जिस कठिन परिस्थिति
से मैं और मेरा परिवार गुजरा उस समय उन्हों क्षणों
को याद करके मैं अपने को तथा अपने बच्चें को
सभालने में समर्थ हो सकी और बच्चों को जीवन में
आगे बढते रहने के लिए प्रोत्साहित कर सकी।