Sonal / Vikas

To, My Dearest BadaMa,
I have often wondered why I even called you “Bada Ma” when you
have and always will be more than my mother. As a child you have love me,
again as a teen you have guided me and even now continue to do both……
So many of my special memories are with Babuji and you .
Every holiday as a child was spent getting pampered by both of you .
I remembered telling Mama & Papa that I will shift to Bombay as I was always “yours” first!!
It is my greatest regret that Babuji is not here today to see us so happy,
to bless Vikas and ofcourse love Vedika and Vedansh!
Vikas and I often talk about how much we can learn from you.
Your rest for life! Your neverending ability to help ! Your smile at every problem!
Your adapt to every situation ! You radiate happiness to all around you!
You never tire after a long day ! The list goes on………… We THANK YOU for inspiring us………

Today is a special day as we celebrate your 75th Birthday ! But really
with you everyday is a celebration!! I pray to GOD that you will
continue to love us forever and ever………………..

We love you lots
Viki, Sonal, Vedika,Vedansh



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